Monday, April 28


Chris Marshall.
London, United Kingdom.
Email:                                               Date: 28/04/2014

Hello Dear,

My name is Mr Chris Marshall. I am an agent to one of World's Leading Security Agents. I have a business to discuss with you, It is worth US$15M (US$ 15,000.000.00). The above mentioned amount was lodged into our security VAULT sometimes 6 years ago by a Syrian whom has been killed in the ongoing political problem in Syria. I and my co-worker had found out lately after we had searched for him, that he had died without a next of kin nor any traceable family. Our search for anyone connecting to him, Family or to the consignment has also proven negative. We are looking for a reliable individual to stand as the next of kin to the deposit. As workers here at the vault department, we can guarantee a risk free release of the deposit without complications and sharing it with YOU according to RATIO agreed before hand between US.

If you are interested in this transaction, email me of your interest and we shall start immediately without wasting of time.

More details about this transaction and related documents will be made available to you after reading your replied copy mail. Be assured that it is risk free in anyways. We are the managers of his file and can delete any traceable information from the computer after completion.

I wait your urgent reply through my private email:


Mr Christopher Marshall.

Thursday, April 17